About Us

In 1996, we had a dream for a business. Unfortunately, someone else had it first. As we lamented our situation we realized our collective depression would be much more dramatic over good coffee and a real bagel. From that realization, the Bloomington Bloomington Bagel Co. was born. Calamity to innovation…the American Way!
The BBC is downtown Bloomington’s first on-site, made from scratch bagel bakery! BBC Bagels are boiled and baked right here every day, using only the highest quality ingredients, following kosher recipes from New York City’s historic Bagel Bakers Local #338! We apprenticed with one of the members of the Union who had the carpal tunnel syndrome to prove it!
We are unique because we do everything the hard way (vocationally and, unfortunately, often personally!). All of our food is made from scratch. Each bagel combines five essential ingredients; water, malt, salt, yeast and flour. Every recipe uses real ingredients…nothing fake or processed to look and taste like real food (gross!). We never add dough conditioners, stabilizers or preservatives. We use local ingredients when possible: Hunter’s Honey Farm (Martinsville), Partridge and Quigley Coffee (Bloomington), Bloomingfoods (Bloomington) and Musgrave Orchards (Bloomington).
We are proud of our catering, muffins, famous cookies, and real Midwest service (New York efficiency without the attitude). We love our opportunity to serve and are thankful every day for the opportunity to be a part of this community. We are proudly: “Locally Owned and Boiled.”
We recognize that our friends leave town as their lives take them in other directions or they just can't make it in to one of our stores.
After many requests for out-of-town and out-of-state purchases we have finally taken a flying leap into the realm of online stores...and we love it.  We are beginning with our most frequently requested items and will be adding new items as they become available!

You can trust that our fancy on-line store will not be maintained by someone outside of the US...it's still just us, here at 113 N Dunn St in Bloomington, Indiana...sitting at the computer and running around like crazy (come on, if you know us you know how true that is) making sure you get whatever your little heart desires.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions please email bbcbagel@bbcbagel.com.
We can't wait to help you!